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Bringing Professional Networking To Life!

Through providing new and exciting experiences for business, people build, deepen & maintain trusted relationships. Relax and enjoy great food, quality company and some amazing golf games.

Come as you are and meet new and amazing people.

We invite you to experience the Vero way.


Low price.

High volume.

We put people in the room.

Time friendly.

No public speaker.

Experience-based interaction.

Membership Levels

Meet with like-minded professionals with the same challenges, responsibilities and goals as you. Get out of the conference room and enjoy a relaxed and fun environment where you can create deeper and more meaningful connections.

Experience-based networking group

where members come ready to get deals done.


Designed to bring business leaders together in an experience-based environment.


Peer-based group for CEO level executives who manage companies with revenues between $1M – $25M.


Peer-based group for CEO level executives who manage companies with revenues greater than $25M.

Chief 25

Why Choose?

Ideal for companies that want to expand their network and meet people at every level.


Calendar Events

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Faces to Meet

Looking Forward!

What Chris and Mandi have been able to accomplish through [Vero] is pretty special. Not only have we been able to get a lot of clients, . . .  but it’s been nice to be able to make some meaningful relationships with those clients. I’m . . . looking forward to keeping up the relationship for years to come.

Great People! Great Connections!

The Vero Networking Group is amazing. I highly recommend it. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the group for several months, and it’s opened so many doors for our company and allowed me to make so many great connections with great people. It’s a lot of fun.

Jump In!

JJUMPP has seen significant value in being a Vero member. ... A real, tangible, quantifiable value with a clear ROI. Not to mention the genuine, strong connections we've made (and continue to make every time we attend). I'm super impressed with what Vero is building and look forward to continuing our relationship.

Simply put, if you're wondering if Vero is a good ROI—stop wondering and just join. You'll be glad you did!